A personal consultation is the first step for every patient considering breast lift or mastopexy. Breast lift is performed primarily for cosmetic improvement in women who are troubled by sagging, drooping or empty appearing breasts.

Breast Lift

Breast lift or Mastopexy results in breasts that are lifted and firmer with the goal to give better shape and symmetry to the breasts in proportion with the rest of the body. The procedure can be performed with or without using implants depending on the problem affecting the breasts and the ultimate size and shape the patient prefers.


The procedure has the potential for scarring depending on the way you heal. Although scars from breast lift surgery are sometimes unavoidable, Dr. Rebot utilizes some of the most advanced techniques in breast lift surgery to help to minimize the size and length of the resultant scars. You may generally return to work and social activities in two weeks or less, but strenuous physical activity is discouraged for 4 to 6 weeks.


At the initial consultation, it's important to discuss your expectations frankly with Dr. Rebot. The best candidates are those who are mature enough to fully understand the procedure and have realistic expectations about the results. The breasts will be examined to determined which surgical procedure will best suit your expectations. Variables will be discussed that may affect the outcome of the surgery such as- your overall health, age, the size and shape of your breasts, and the condition of your skin, etc. For some, but not all women, breast lift surgery may restrict the ability to breast-feed. If you plan to breast feed be fully aware of this potential complication before you proceed with the surgery. Other potential complications with the surgery will also be discussed.


Fees for aesthetic surgery are customarily paid prior to the surgery. The costs may vary depending on the procedure and/or complexity of the surgery. All costs will be reviewed with you at the time of your initial consultation. Generally, our patients are pleasantly surprised with the affordability that our fees offer. If necessary, financing is available.






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