Liposuction is a highly individualized procedure that requires careful consideration of the areas on the body you desire contour improvement or reduction.


The patient should be physically healthy, psychologically stable andody in which have realistic expectations. An evaluation of skin tone and elasticity, as well as fat density and distribution will determine the appropriate techniques for your specific case. The ideal candidate for liposuction has pockets of excess fat distributed on areas of the body that are hard to lose with dieting alone.


Although liposuction is not recommended as a weight loss technique, patients having liposuction on these hard to lose areas of fat express a greater degree of ease and satisfaction with the results their diet following liposuction. Patients should be aware that skin cellulite that frequently accompanies fatty ares on the body is only occassionally, but not always improved with liposuction. In some cases, liposuction is performed in conjunction with other plastic surgery procedures such as face/neck lift, breast reduction (female or male),tummy tuck etc.


You should plan on taking 2 to 3 days away from work and social activities and no strenuous exercise for 3 weeks. Depending on the area treated with liposuction, you may be asked to wear a supporting garment for up to 4 weeks following liposuction.


Fees for aesthetic surgery are customarily paid prior to the surgery. The costs may vary depending on the procedure and/or complexity of the surgery. All costs will be reviewed with you at the time of your initial consultation. Generally, our patients are pleasantly surprised with the affordability that our fees offer. If necessary, financing is available.






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